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Sockervaddsmaskin Breeze

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Gold Medal - 3030EX Breeze Candy Floss Machine

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A successful re-introduction of the tubular heating element floss machine Gold Medal made back in the 60s. Laser technology, improved motor and heat control design makes the nearly permanent candy floss heating element a viable cotton candy machine. If you are looking for a commercial quality, entry-level machine, this is the one to go for.
Manufactured in the USA by Gold Medal, the quality is superb and ideal for someone looking for a high-quality entry-level machine built to a true commercial standard.

Great value, entry-level candy floss machine which makes around 3 candy flosses per minute.


Stainless Steel Cabinet
New Heating Element improves output by 20%
26" Aluminium Bowl
Aluminium Floss Bowl and Whirlgrip Stabiliser
Tubular Element (No more Ribbons or Bands)
Carbon Brushes
Permanent Floss Head
1/10 Horsepower Motor
1/10 Horsepower Motor
1200 Watts
Net Weight 17.2Kg
One Year Warranty, Parts and Labour.


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