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Popcornkärnor mushroom Caramel & Sweet pop weaver Popcornkärnor mushroom Caramel & Sweet pop weaver Popcornkärnor mushroom Caramel & Sweet pop weaver

Popcornkärnor - Mushroom 700 g. Pop Weaver

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Leveranstid 1-5 vardagar!

Popcornkärnor Mushroom Caramel & Sweet i burk om 700 gram netto från Pop Weaver.

Satisfy your patrons with the highest quality popcorn experience by serving delicious-tasting popcorn popped from these Pop Weaver popcorn kernels. These kernels produce large, round pieces of mushroom-style popcorn that's sure to keep your customers coming back for more!

Mushroom-style popcorn yields a full, rounded surface area perfect for working with glazes and coatings. Large pieces are the perfect shape for sweet confections such as caramel and kettle corn, making mushroom popcorn the kernel of choice for concession stands, stadium vendors, amusement parks, carnivals, and gourmet markets. Delight your guests and use these popcorn kernels to pop deliciously light and tender popcorn with a classic round shape.

These kernels deliver a consistent product each and every time. Simply follow the instructions on your countertop or freestanding popcorn machine to properly prepare. The result is the perfect light snack with familiar, satisfying popcorn taste customers are sure to love. Enhance your popcorn with a burst of sweet caramel, fruity glaze, savory cheese, or the widely popular salt and butter toppings. Popcorn maximizes profits, boosts impulse sales, and delights your guests of all ages!

Trust the world's largest bulk popcorn producer, Weaver Popcorn Bulk, for all of your popping needs! Selling under their instantly recognizable Pop Weaver brand, this family-owned business has dominated the popcorn market for four generations spanning over 90 years. Harvests come from throughout the U.S. Corn Belt to provide consumers with the world's highest quality, most delicious popcorn without breaking the bank. Offering a wide variety of kernels, portion packs, microwaveable bags, and ready-to-eat popcorn, Pop Weaver Popcorn Bulk is the brand you need to keep your establishment stocked with premium products of all styles.

Kernel Details:

Expansion Rate: 33 - 37 cc

Moisture Content: 13.2% - 14.5%

Kernel Size: 42 K/10g - 58 K/10g

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